Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company have agents in the Arab countries?

The company has no agents at any of Middle East countries.

What is the company nationality?

We are honored to be an 100% Egyptian company.

What is the company official working hours ?

Sales officers are available daily from 12 pm to 4 am except Fridays and public holidays.

How can I contact your company?

You can contact us through customer service center or sales representative click here or by Call on one of the following numbers inside the Arab Republic of Egypt 01002914389 & 01097883359 outside 00201002914389 & & 00201097883359

I'd like to be your agent in my country.

The company is not looking for agents or Sales Persons right now in the Arab region

Which Currency is Used in your site?

Egyptian Pound, Saudi Riyal and US Dollar.

Do you allow free distribution of sites through your distribution plans?

No , Distributing free hosting space through a distribution account is not allowed.

Should the client pay the service cost before he can be entitled to this service?

Yes, all dues must be paid before activating the required service.

Do you provide a system for Refund of amounts paid ?

The company does not provide a system for Refund of amounts paid under any circumstances, whether the amounts are paid for the requested services or recharging credit for future use.

What are the payment methods available?

Arab V b accepts a variety of payment methods available to all, such as bank accounts, mail and Western Union.

What are the technical support team's working hours?

our technical support team are available Round-the-clock year e , but this doesn’t mean immediate responding to technical support tickets ,as some tickets may need more time than others depending on the type of task to be performed.

What is average time taken to responding to technical support tektites ?

Technical Support tektites are handled quickly by our team, We ensure the response of the tickets within a maximum of 24 hours from the time of request ,This does not necessarily mean that the time to handle it is 24 hours ,Where the ticket are usually handled in a short time not exceeding a quarter of an hour.

Do you offer different transfer and space plans instead of those listed on your site?

No, our plans are fixed in size and space, and We do not provide dedicated plans.

Is the technical support team available through the direct dialog window?

No, the technical support is not available through the direct dialog window, Where it is dedicated only for sales team only, and all the salesperson can do when requesting technical support through that area is directing the clients to open a ticket through the member area.

Do you provide technical support for installed software's?

As any hosting company, technical support is limited to the maintenance of hosting server crashes, It does not include the maintaining of the software's that the client installing it in Allocated space.

What are the channels through which technical support can be obtained?

The Technical Support Center is the only portal to obtain technical support services .

How do you deal with client who upload Hacking files at allocated spaces for any reason ?

In case any site is involved in uploading hacking files, Arab v b will cancel the subscription With providing the account owner with a backup copy of the site files .

What is your backup policy?

daily, weekly and monthly Backup copy are taken properly for your site .

What is the level of your servers security?

Our servers are subject to a strict security system which ensures maintaining your site secure from any attempts of Hacking .

How I can get a backup copy of my site In the event the site is crashed?

If the client wishes to obtain an older version of his old backup, he must open a technical support tektite through member area, and his request will be followed up by our technical support team and executed.

Do you have bank accounts in the Arab countries?

Arab V B has bank accounts in other countries such as Al Rajhi Bank - Saudi Arabia.

What is your policy towards installing unlicensed programs ?

We do not follow up the site Concerning unlicensed scripts, ,In case of notification by the company designed this scripts, the site owner must contact the company or the designer For settlement about licensing or removal.

Do you offer different transfer and space plans instead of those listed on your site?

No, our plans are fixed in size and space, and We do not provide dedicated plans.

Do you provide your clients with domain control panel?

Yes, Arab V b company provides a control panel for the registered domains.

Do you offer different transfer and space plans instead of those listed on your site?

No, our plans are fixed in size and space, and We do not provide dedicated plans.

Do you provide technical support to my clients who are Subscribers with me at distribution account?

Arab v b provides its client with technical support for the distribution account and the hosted sites by the distributor which are related only to the server problems , technical support does not include accounting, space preparing and software installed on those sites.

What is theaverage time for the service activation after cost reimbursement ?

the time required for the site activation depends on the Methods of payment of service costs , but usually does not exceed 24 hours except for bank transfers, which can take 1 to 10 days. due to required time period by the bank to actual transfer the amount to the company account. In order to avoid this delay, the client can put a copy of the bank transfer To ensure the activation of the service immediately.

i have requested a domain registration , When this domain is effective and reliable?

Domain registration is not automatically performed. Where All domains registration are subject to review firstly before registration is approved. The domain adoption usually takes several hours, but does not exceed 24 hours maximum, It is preferable that the ( client ) domain registration applicant open a card through the member area to follow up the registration process.